Ruzzini Sweet Gourmet

Join the Ruzzini Family : Make a Gift, a Ruzzini Gift - Sweet Gourmet !

Dolce Gourmet is designed for those who can’t t say no to sweetness and the most refined delicacies, but also for those who want to know every detail of the city through its flavors.

You’ll be guided in a chocolate tasting, while an expert will explain the history of the ancient Venetian coffee shops.

On the second day, "La Dolce Via" is scheduled for you, a visit to an historic pastry shop in Venice, to discover all the secrets that have led to being one of the most renowned in the world.

As a gift for you, the book with the secrets of the Venetian cuisine.

The package includes:

        Transfer by water taxi
        Chocolate Passion Tour
        Meeting with La Dolce Via
        Gift: Book - The secrets of Venetian cuisine